The Courage To Be Disliked Summary

the courage to be disliked summary

This article is about The Courage To Be Disliked summary. Written by Ichiro Kishimi and Fumitake Koga, this book is a dialogue between a philosopher and a young man and unfolds over five chapters. Each chapter delves into different aspects of Alfred Adler’s psychological theories. Ever felt like you’re just going through the motions, trying …

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When Things Fall Apart Book Summary

when things fall apart book summary

This article is about When Things Fall Apart book summary. This book draws from Buddhist wisdom to address personal suffering and challenges. This book is like a gentle hand on your back, guiding you through the storm. Imagine finding a treasure map in the middle of chaos that leads you to a place of strength …

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To Sell Is Human Chapter Review

to sell is human chapter review

This is my detailed To Sell Is Human chapter review. In a world where we’re all salespeople in one way or another, this book is a game-changing guide that reveals the secrets to success in persuasion. Imagine if you could effortlessly convince others, whether convincing your boss to give you that promotion, your kids to …

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The Four Agreements Book Summary

four agreements book summary

This is my Four Agreements book summary. This book is based on ancient Toltec wisdom. It offers a code of conduct that promotes freedom from self-limiting beliefs, which can cause suffering and limitations in a person’s life. You know those days when you wish life had a straightforward guidebook? Well, I’ve got some news: I …

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Rich Dad Poor Dad Book Summary

rich dad poor dad book summary

This article contains detailed Rich Dad Poor Dad book summary and notes. Among the many money books out there, this book by Robert Kiyosaki is unique. It doesn’t just talk about earning money, but it changes how you think about it. The book shares lessons from two dads: one, his real dad, who had a …

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I Will Teach You to Be Rich Summary

i will teach you to be rich summary

I’ve put together this detailed I Will Teach You to Be Rich summary. Written by Ramit Sethi, it’s a must-read if you’re looking for simple yet effective ways to improve your financial life. Ramit breaks down the complex world of money management into clear, actionable steps anyone can follow. From paying off debt to automating …

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The Power of Now Summary

power of now summary

This article contains The Power of Now summary. You know that feeling when you’re constantly racing with time, juggling a thousand thoughts about yesterday and tomorrow? I was there with you, always stuck in my head, missing out on the ‘now.’ Then I picked up this book, “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle. It’s …

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Jim Kwik Limitless Summary

jim kwik limitless summary

This is my detailed Jim Kwik Limitless summary. In a world brimming with information, distractions, and constant change, unlocking the full potential of our brain seems more like a superhero dream than a real possibility. But what if there was a guide that revealed the secrets to supercharge your brain, learn anything faster, and unlock …

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Barking Up The Wrong Tree Summary

barking up the wrong tree summary

This is my comprehensive Barking Up the Wrong Tree summary. In a world overflowing with self-help books and “secrets to success” seminars, Eric Barker’s “Barking Up the Wrong Tree” shines like a guiding star, shedding light on the often misguided routes to triumph. Tossing aside tired clich├ęs, Barker plunges into the depths of conventional wisdom, …

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Never Split The Difference Summary By Chapter

never split the difference summary by chapter

This article provides the Never Split The Difference summary by chapter. Written by Chris Voss, a retired FBI International hostage negotiator, this book is your ticket to becoming a negotiation master, and here’s why you need to dive into this right now: Negotiation isn’t just a skill; it’s a superpower. Knowing how to negotiate is …

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